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Wedding Photography Information

Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for considering me as your Wedding photographer.


The following information details the style and types of images I will capture on your special day and the proposed schedule for your wedding photography.


Please remember that it's your special day and all the packages and types of photos can be customised according to your wishes.


As a professional, I like to make sure I have planned and taken care of every detail for you, ensuring that the focus is on you and making your day as enjoyable and memorable as possible.


Please rest assured that I am very passionate about producing beautiful wedding photos.  I know you want every photo to show all the memorable moments perfectly and I make it my job to ensure your memories are captured in with as little fuss as possible!


I use high quality Nikon camera equipment and editing software to be certain that every photo is to a professional and excellent standard.  I also have a number of small props (led lights, backdrops and portrait lighting etc.) which I will bring with me on the day.


I have always been praised on how well I manage to capture everything perfectly, never miss all the little details and I’m excellent in leading and arranging everyone in a relaxed and friendly way.


Throughout your special day I will take anywhere from 700 to 1600+ photos  and a number of highlight videos (depending on the package you choose) in an effort to make sure everyone and everything is included.


My style of photography is generally to work in the background to avoid any intrusion into your time with family and friends.  I know you don't want to be taken away from the festivities only to be posed with forced smiles.

I prefer to take more 'candid' photos whilst everyone is more natural and feeling relaxed.  Of course, there will be some exceptions where portraits of the couple with family and friends are required for framing etc., but these will be at your discretion and request.


If you have any questions, special requests or want to make any changes, please don’t hesitate to call or text me on 07552 094484 or email

Your customisable schedule



  • Meet with couple prior to the wedding to discuss preferences for photos of the day (optional).

  • Attend any walkthrough, rehearsal and/or viewing of wedding and reception venues (optional).

  • Engagement photography session at venue of the couple’s choice (included with the Platinum Package and also available as an option for other packages at an additional cost.)


GETTING READY - (Gold and Platinum packages only): 

  • Preparation photos at each partners address, makeup, hair, dress, accessories, bridesmaids, first look, suits and accessories etc.

  • Wedding party, family and friends portraits with each partner at their address.




  • Wedding party, family and friends prior to arrival of couple, group portraits etc.

  • The arrival of each partner and processional aisle walk at the ceremony.

  • Partner/audience reactions upon arrival at the altar.

  • Full Wedding Service, exchanging of vows and rings, first kiss and signing registry etc.

  • Couple walk, recessional aisle walk of the couple from the Wedding Service.

  • Leaving Wedding Service, Confetti throw, venue shots and couple in car, group portraits outside ceremony venue etc.




  • Guest’s arrival and finally the couple’s arrival at the reception.

  • Couple entrance and greeting and mingling with guests.

  • Couple portraits with family and friends.

  • Candid group and individual images throughout the couple settling in.

  • Couple, friend's and family speeches, toasts and handing out of gifts.

  • First dance and joining friends and family.

  • Throwing of the bouquet and taking of the garter (if required).

  • Cake Cutting and presentation of gifts etc.

  • Venue photos and decorations, treats, table settings and wedding favours.

  • Various moments on the dancefloor of guests and couple.

Thank you for considering me for your Wedding photography, you won’t be disappointed.

Please note:

Whilst a meal at the Reception is very much appreciated, I am happy to provide my own (please indicate if a meal is included, on the booking form).  Thank you.

I tend not to take photos whilst you and your guests are eating, as this can make some people feel uncomfortable.

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