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Terms & Conditions and Booking form
As of: 2nd July 2023

  1. Booking Fee: A £100.00 booking fee is required within seven (7) days to secure the date.  The booking fee is deducted from the total amount.

  2. Automatic cancellation: Will occur if the booking fee is not paid and/or no further contact is received within seven (7) days of the initial enquiry.  Don't leave it to chance, make sure the date is confirmed by paying the booking fee ASAP.

  3. Balance of payment: is required at least thirty (30) days prior to the event and can even be made in installments to help with financials.

  4. Image copies: All original images remain the property of I Heart Photography, a copy of all edited images and video highlights will be supplied on a USB stick and will also be available via a password protected online gallery.  A link will be provided to share with family and friends to view and download, for a period of six (6) months after the date of the wedding.

  5. Edits: Requests for edits to any photos or videos will be accepted for the first six (6) months after the wedding and provided free of charge to the couple, their family and friends and any organisations/brands named in the image, after which time edited copies of the images or videos will be provided at a cost of £5.00 for every edited image and £15.00 per video.

  6. Social Media: I Heart Photography may post professionally art worked images on his social media site/s and web pages: -  and Instagram page and Facebook page These images will be licensed and watermarked with the I Heart Photography logo. 

  7. Copyright: is at the client's discretion and images will/will not be displayed unless prior consent is obtained from the client.

  8. Sole Photographer: I Heart Photography will be the only contracted photographer on the day; any additional professional photographers, videographers and/or student photographers will be agreed upon prior to the event. Additional photographers/videographers are not covered under I Heart Photography insurance and all images are copyrighted. I Heart Photography is not responsible for any disruptions/distractions or damage caused by any additional photographers and infringement on posed or candid images will not be tolerated. This does not apply to guests of the couple unless stipulated otherwise by the couple.

  9. Photo albums and prints: I can provide a variety of wedding photo albums and accessories in various paper types and covers.  Packing and postage via Royal Mail first class, signed and tracked delivery, is included for items in the UK.  Linen or Faux Leather covers are an additional cost.

  10. Travel and accommodation: Within the UK and outside of the Nottingham area (300 km) is charged at 25p per km.  Travel between venues (preparation address, ceremony and reception etc.) is limited to 20 km, after that, the above km rate would apply.  Accommodation, where required, is at standard room rate (Maximum £95.00) as per web site for basic single room. (Price quoted prior to confirmation of wedding booking).  Overseas; all travel outside of the UK is at the clients expense and separate from the photography package rate. This includes; Any required work permits/visas, accommodation, flights and transfers, meals and beverages costs.

  11. Processing and delivery:  Please allow at least 4 to 5 weeks for processing, uploading and delivery of your photos.  Printed photo albums can take up to 2 - 3 months depending on printers and suppliers capacity and availability.

All payments can be paid into:


Natwest Account:

Mr Ian R Brittain

SORT CODE: 600410

ACCOUNT #: 86230786

REFERENCE: Your wedding date i.e. 01/01/2022.



Refund Policy:


Booking Fee: - The booking fee will be refunded if the booking is cancelled within fourteen (14) days of payment.  If the reasons for cancellation are in any way related to family or personal reasons, I will issue a full refund and/or hold the booking until another date can be chosen.

Balance to pay: - in today’s Covid19 uncertainty, I realise that plans may need to change, the client will be offered the option to rebook at no additional cost or, if the event cannot be rescheduled, a full refund of the balance to pay will be made if the cancellation is fourteen (14) days prior to the event.


Photo Quality: - if you are in any way dissatisfied with the quality of all, or a portion of the photos produced, you will be entitled to a percentage refund proportionate to the quantity of the poor quality photos agreed upon by both parties, from the balance of payment (excludes the deposit amount).


Replacement Photographer: - If it is not possible for me to attend, I have a photographer colleague who is prepared to attend in my absence.


Failure to attend: - In the unfortunate event where the photographer fails to attend, the client will receive a full refund including booking fee.


Trading Cessation; - In the event where I Heart Photography ceases trading, all booking fees and/or any payments made towards wedding photography, would be fully refunded as per my business insurance.


Payments Guarantee: All booking fees and any payments are protected and insured as part of my business insurance.  Booking fees and any payments are held in a separate trust account and are available for refund following a period of no more than thirty (30) days processing time.

Thank you for choosing I Heart Photography

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