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Your wedding day photography tips and advice.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

As the wedding season is starting to build up, I would like to share some advice about preparing for your photography and working with your photographer to ensure the day goes even more smoothly. You've spent a lot of money for your special day and it's important that your photographer understands exactly how and what you want to be captured on your dream day.

  • To help you and the photographer decide on, and plan for your wedding, organise a day in advance where you and your partner can get together with the photographer over a coffee or a drink. It's nice to meet and helps make you all feel a little more relaxed so the photographer isn't just turning up on the day and rushing around to establish who is who etc.

  • Bring along any lists to the meeting, that you or your family have put together so the photographer ensures he doesn't miss anyone or anything out on the day.

  • Items on the list can include family and friends, social groups, work colleagues and items of special mention including; mementos, heirlooms and gifts etc.

  • As your photographer, I will ensure I get photos of every detail on the day including;

  • each partner's outfits and accessories.

  • wedding party outfits and accessories.

  • bouquets, posies, shoes, jewellery, perfumes, buttonholes.

  • wedding stationery, flowers, ribbons, ties and anything that reflects the theme or colour scheme of the day.

  • Wedding cake, food, specialty knives etc.

  • Venues, Venue decorations and favours, table settings flowers, arches etc.

  • If you are having a walkthrough/rehearsal, try to include the photographer as this gives you and the photographer the opportunity to make sure everything you desire is covered on the day. It also gives the photographer an opportunity to view and assess the best placement of equipment and lighting, the best angles and can help the photographer to understand any restrictions and requirements of the registry/minister and reception venues etc.

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