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Sticking to your Wedding Photography schedule!

Number 1 Tip: Don't!

I know there are a lot of wedding photographer's out there in wedding land who have strict timeframes and charge accordingly. It's understandable; they have a schedule to adhere to and probably have several weddings to shoot in one day.

This is where I differ!

When you book a wedding with I Heart Photography, you are booked in for the day, regardless of the package. Be it a simple ceremony only package (3 hours approximately) or the full day (12 hours approximately), from preparation to first dance, I don't stick to any schedule.

The key word is "approximately".

I don't charge for any additional hours where I have chosen to stay on, nor do I charge for additional time where the couple have suddenly realised that they can get some beautiful photos at another spot just down the road etc.

The one rule I have about attending a wedding photography shoot is to be on time and in most cases, be early.

When couples book with I Heart Photography, I offer 3, 6, 8, 10 and 12 hour shoots but, this doesn't mean I am going to be watching the clock and signing off on the dot! It's merely a guide, so the couple's can choose a package that sits within their timeframe.

It's all about 'opportunity'!

I have no rules about where the couple should be at any specific point in the day (unless of course, they have a wedding planner who is nominated to schedule the whole procedure).

I look for the best and most appropriate time where I can take the couple away from their family and guests for a few minutes, to get some beautiful, intimate portraits, without breaking conversations or cherished personal moments with them.

Things can change at the last moment and DO!

I can't count the many times where I have thought it was time to sign off; I've captured every portrait, family/group shots, celebrations and partying on the dance floor, only to start packing my gear away and then hear the party hooting and hollering because the Macarena or Slide Shuffle or even Half Way There has come on.

Or the occasion where a couple have booked my Portrait Wedding Photography package which is a standard 3 hour format of ceremony and portrait/group shots afterwards, only to discover that they are heading to a beautiful park, heritage site or restaurant to finish off the day.

If you book a particular package with I Heart Photography, please remember, I am yours for the day, I don't have multiple bookings in one day and if the opportunity presents itself, I will be with you until we have captured every possible memorable photo available.

I truly do LOVE weddings, hence the name I Heart!

I get caught up in every aspect of the day and for me it's a wonderful way to spend the day, capturing memories of everyone having a fantastic time, enjoying and celebrating the beginning of your new journey together!



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